The portrait - Patrick PASTOUREAU photographer

The portrait

” The artist will always highlight in the portrait the dignity and the size of the human being while repressing the imperfection of the nature ” (Giovanni Paolo Tomazzo 1538/1600)

The work of the light allows to stylize the lines and the volumes of the body, to stress the outlines of the silhouette by playing on the twilight of faces and shadows.

The “sculpture” of the face is made during the recording with the preparation of the lighting, then with the photo editing

The lighting is produced by projectors in continuous light ( no flash).

A first appointment with the model will define its expectations

A fine layer of matifying powder is applied to prevent the skin from shining during the session (the recourse to a make-up woman professional is possible)

Before the shooting, an explanation of the progress of the session allows the model to get use with the environment

We frequently stop and rest for a while.

A few days later, you will receive several boards contact, which will allow you to choose three pics (24×30) on some high-quality paper

The photo editing reveals the work made in studio by playing on the whites, greys and blacks, it embellished the recording, it erases the harshness as well as the defects of the camera.

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