Patrick PASTOUREAU photographer, portrait, restoration photos

What seduces me in the photo black and white,

It is because she produces timeless images.

The portrait

” The artist will always highlight in the portrait the dignity and the size of the human being while repressing the imperfection of the nature ” (Giovanni Paolo Tomazzo 1538/1600)

The work of the light allows to stylize the lines and the volumes of the body, to stress the outlines of the silhouette by playing on the twilight of faces and shadows.

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The black & white

The photographer who uses the color concentrates on the light but also on the arrangement of tones or colors of the photography

In photography black and white, colors being retranscribed in level of grey, the light plays a more important role, the vision is consequently different. Scenes(stages) in the singular luminosities will be more highlighted than the very colored scenes(stages)

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